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Not sure which office to contact? Aquagenic urticaria is an allergy to water is a very tough allergy to have considering that water makes up most of the Earth the human body. Aquagenix has multiple office locations throughout Florida servicing the Southeastern United States. People who have this allergy can’ t drink bathe in water have to avoid eating certain foods. Aquagenic ránctalanító pálmák kezelése. Aquatic services in any other geographic location are carried out by our parent company DBi Services.

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Apr 23, · Aquagenic urticaria or water allergy ( being allergic to water) is a typical form of physical Hives that is caused when the person comes in contact with the water. This may often be associated with pain and itchiness. This may appear without any external agents or due to the water temperature.

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Aquagenic urticaria is a very rare and often misunderstood form of physical urticaria it’ s also described sometimes as water urticaria or water allergy. Although there is no real cure for aquagenic urticaria this is perhaps due to the fact that it’ s been difficult to treat it successfully over the years.

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